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Dr. Mulligan's Grading System

Our Grading System is the simplest in the business. Rather than confuse you with 3,4 or 5 grades of balls, we make it easy to understand. We carry only two grades.


-Will have the look and feel of a new ball
-Some balls may have logos
-Some balls (very, very few if any at all) may have minor player pen markings, . We try to limit coverage to 3-4 dimples in this grade
-Will show no to minute signs of previous play
-No practice or x-out balls


-Similar to a ball played for a few holes
-Some balls may have logos
-Player pen markings with coverage of more than 4 dimples
-Minor cosmetic blemishes, some balls will have minor discoloration, minor loss of luster due to weathering and being out in the elements. May have a very light surface scuff but nothing that would affect ball performance
-No practice or x-out balls

Balls that are cut, heavily scuffed, excessively pen marked or excessively discolored are simply not sold on this site. These balls are usually destined for the driving ranges.

***Please be aware that our grading process is a human process. There is no automation involved and while we do our best to bring YOU the best representation of the described grades, sometimes a ball may slip through the system that may be below (or above) the quality described. In general, the older the model, the more wear you'll notice on the B Grade balls.


Refurbished golf balls are stripped of paint, smoothed of imperfections, re-painted, re-glossed and re-logoed with the manufacturers logo. An HONEST company will also stamp the ball with a small "Refurbished" logo. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not follow this practice and just repaint the ball giving the customer the idea that he's getting a mint condition ball. If you've ever hit one of these balls, you'll know it immediately because the paint will begin to chip off or it sounds like you've just hit a rock when you thought you were hitting a premium ball. Why does it sound different? More than likely the ball you just hit was a repainted cheap golf ball that was re-logoed as a premium ball. Dr. Mulligan's Golf Balls does NOT participate in this practice. We only wash and grade our golf balls.

A word of advice -just plain avoid refurbished balls and you'll avoid disappointment and headaches.

Revision 5/1/2018


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