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Dr. Mulligan's Grading System

Our Grading System is the simplest in the business. Rather than confuse you with 3,4 or 5 grades of balls, we make it easy to understand. We carry only two grades.


Unless marked "B Grade", ALL balls on our site are MINT quality. Mint means no pen marks, no scuffs and no obvious blemishes. Just about any other site out there will describe their top grade balls as having player pen marks on them. NOT HERE! Some balls may contain logos.


The only other grade we carry is B Grade. We only carry our most popular models in B Grade. Our B Grade balls will have one or more of the following characteristics: A player pen mark, slight scuff, small chip of paint or very slight discoloration. There will be no X-Out or Practice balls in the mix. These would be equivalent to other sites 2nd tier balls, usually labeled AAAA, AAA or Near Mint. Some sites consider this grade their TOP grade. Again, NOT HERE! Some balls may contain logos.

Any ball that has a cut or is heavily scuffed or discolored is simply not sold by us. These balls are usually destined for the driving ranges.


Refurbished golf balls are stripped of paint, smoothed of imperfections, re-painted, re-glossed and re-logoed with the manufacturers logo. An HONEST company will also stamp the ball with a small "Refurbished" logo. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not follow this practice and just repaint the ball giving the customer the idea that he's getting a mint condition ball. If you've ever hit one of these balls, you'll know it immediately because the paint will begin to chip off or it sounds like you've just hit a rock when you thought you were hitting a premium ball. Why does it sound different? More than likely the ball you just hit was a repainted cheap golf ball that was re-logoed as a premium ball. Dr. Mulligan's Golf Balls does NOT participate in this practice. We only wash and grade our golf balls.

A word of advice -just plain avoid refurbished balls and you'll avoid disappointment and headaches.


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