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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to sales@drmulligans.com

Order Tracking/Status?

Your order ships within 1 business day of being placed. We ship Monday through Friday. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a link containing tracking information. The link may not work immediately after you receive it since the carriers update their package tracking information each night.

What is a Card Security Code?

The Card Security Code is a security feature for credit or debit card transactions, giving increased protection against credit card fraud.

The Card Security Code is located on the BACK of Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit or debit cards and is typically a separate group of 3 digits to the right of the signature strip.

On American Express cards, the Card Security Code is a PRINTED (NOT embossed) group of four digits on the FRONT of the card towards the right.

Can I request all logos/no logos on my order?

Absolutely! You can choose your special request by clicking on the dropdown menu with the item. Please note that requests are subject to availability.

If I Make A Special Request On My Order And It Can't Be Met, How Do You Handle It?

All orders are filled with a random pick from the lot which will include logo balls and non logo balls. However, you have the option to choose a Special Request of No Logo Balls or All Logo Balls in checkout. We will fill your special request as best we can. If we can not fill it completely, we will fill the balance of your order with the base priced product and issue a credit for any portion of your order that can't be met. For example, if you order 4 dozen balls and request all logo balls and  we only have 2 dozen logo balls we will send you the 2 dozen logo balls and 2 dozen balls of with no logos and issue a credit for the part of the order that can not be filled as you requested. The credit information will be included with your shipment. We can not refund portions of an order to a credit card as your information is encrypted and we do not have access to the card number. That protects you from anyone seeing the number.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping charge is determined by the weight of your package and the location it is going to (zip or postal code). You will know EXACTLY what shipping costs BEFORE you confirm your order. You also have the option of having your package shipped with UPS or the United States Postal Service.

Shipping, just like mailing a letter is costly for the initial charge. That's not OUR charge, it's what any carrier charges for the service of shipping a package. You'll also find that by ordering more product the shipping increases very little, just like mailing a letter weighing more than one ounce. So it's to YOUR benefit to order several dozen at one time.


You buy 2 dozen balls for $15.00/dozen, your shipping charge is hypothetically$7.50. Your total spent is $37.50 or $18.75/dozen.

If you buy 5 dozen balls at $15.00/dozen your shipping charge hypothetically may be $9.50.

$15.00 x 5 dozen balls = $75.00 + $9.50 shipping= $84.50 or $16.90/dozen

If you bought 8 dozen of the same balls your shipping charge is FREE because your order is over $99. Total for 8 dozen balls would now be $120.00. So now your cost per dozen is $15.00.

***Shipping charges are hypothetical. Actual charges are determined by your zip code and the weight of the package.

We reserve the right to change the shipping carrier for your order at our discretion unless you have contacted us by phone or email to use the carrier you have selected exclusively.


We ship with both UPS and the United States Postal Service Monday through Friday. All shipments have the choice of speed of your delivery in checkout. You can choose USPS Parcel Select Ground, USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. You also can choose express services which are USPS Priority EXPRESS which is next day or UPS 2 or 3 day services. When you choose Free Shipping, in most cases we will ship with USPS Parcel Select Ground service.

Orders received after 1PM Eastern time will ship the NEXT business day.

U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail packages are 1-3 business days. Note that 1-3 days is the "expected" USPS transit time, NOT the number of days from order placement to the day you receive it. USPS does not guarantee a delivery date unless you choose Priority EXPRESS 1 Day Shipping, which IS guaranteed.

US Postal Service Parcel Select Ground packages are 2-8 business days. Please note that shipments to Alaska and Hawaii will take longer than 8 days. These are "expected" delivery times, not guaranteed. 

Standard UPS Ground packages are 1-5 business days depending on your zip code. Please see our UPS Shipping Map for specific transit times. Please be aware that UPS does NOT guarantee a specific delivery date for shipments between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

Returned Packages To Us:
We ship to the address you provide us with during checkout. Should your order be returned to us due to an incomplete address, incorrect address, or any other reason that is not our error, we will contact you via email for verification of your address and ask you to make any changes necessary. When you have notified us of the change, we will follow up with another email with an invoice for you to pay for the 2nd shipment. If you choose to cancel the order and not pay the shipping charge, we will refund you MINUS the shipping charge incurred to us.

International buyers: All international shipments will ship with the U.S. Postal Service. YOU will be responsible for any duty fees or taxes imposed by your country at delivery. We DO NOT "gift" items. It's not worth the risk of a product audit to us. We HIGHLY suggest that you contact your respective governments to find out what these fees will be BEFORE you place your order. These fees, if any, are based on the value of the items being shipped to you and ONLY your government can determine what they will be. We don't receive these fees, nor do we impose them.

First Time Orders Placed in one country/state and shipping to another country/state:
We reserve the right to refuse shipping a first-time order with a billing address in one country/state and shipping to a different country/state. We also reserve the right to ship an order with an adult signature being required before carrier releases the order. This protects us in the event of a fraudulently placed order.

How do I make a return if I am not happy with something I ordered or made a mistake on my order?

Simply send the item you are returning to the return address on the shipping label via a standard ground shipping service. Please reference your Order number and the reason you are making a return. Once your return is received and reviewed, you'll receive a credit to your account. If you don't return the product you aren't satisfied with then you won't receive a credit. Your order is processed exactly as you order it. After you place your order you'll immediately receive a confirmation of your order. It is YOUR responsibility to check what you ordered. All orders ship within 24 business hours of the order being placed. If you made a mistake on your order and it has already shipped, you'll need to return them at your cost. Additionally, if you made a mistake on your order and it qualified for free shipping and has already shipped, you can still return it but you will be charged for a re-shipping charge.

Do you sell refurbished golf balls?

First, let's be clear on wording. Refurbished means that a ball has been stripped of white paint, smoothed of any scuffing, repainted and re-stamped with the manufacturer's logo and model type. Also, if a ball is refurbished it will have another logo stamped on it identifying the ball as "refurbished".

Now, short of knowing how many dimples a Titleist Pro V1 ball has and counting them all, would you be able to tell a refurbished Pro V1 from a Top Flite just by looking at it?? We doubt it. That's why we don't carry refurbished balls, because any refurbisher can strip down a Top Flite and stamp a Pro V1 logo on it.

Do you offer reduced pricing for larger quantities?

Yes we do! Discounts are available starting at 15 dozen of the same model ball. Please call or email us for specific pricing.


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